IL BORGO Community Cooperative conceived this project with the aim of developing through cycling tourism (a fundamental element of the Green Economy) outdoor aerobic activities and promoting active/experiential, sustainable, cultural and environmental tourism, including through the creation of the “Tuscany Bike Coop to Coop” route brand.

Despite the critical issues due to the pandemic, the goals achieved have been amazing: connecting routes between one Cooperative and another have been identified for a total of about 520 km, with the possibility of choosing one’s own route by downloading it from the website, thus facilitating the interchange of attendance from one Cooperative to another.
In addition, a mapping of the services provided by Cooperatives was carried out and the network between the various associations operating in the areas was strengthened. The hostel facilities (hostel and diffuse hotel) and services (agricultural and social canteen , community emporium, café, media room, luggage transport or retrieval along the way) implemented created the possibility of interacting with different target visitors (such as sports and cycle tourism). Thanks to the contribution received
it was possible to expand the services offered and carry out events in Lunigiana, Garfagnana and Monte Amiata, thus increasing attendance in villages in inland areas that are often forgotten and increasing the visibility of our territories.